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It’s tablescape day for my dinner club group, and I love creating and sharing tablescapes with you!! That’s why I can’t wait to show you how to create a football tailgate party tablescape, or at least my twist on the theme.

Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner, this would be a perfect for a game day party!

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I have to admit I was a little concerned when we decided on a football theme. I had no ideas for what to do, but knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a specific theme table.

So, I started making a list of everything I already had that I could use. Like an old football that was in the garage, a silver urn that could look like a trophy, faux grass squares from my Easter decor, and a memorobilia football helmet that my husband had in his office.

I pulled out a roll of heavy brown paper that I already had on hand. You can find this paper in the paint section at Home Depot.

I rolled it out on my table and cut it to fit the width. Then, I cut it just a bit longer than my table, folded it over the end and taped it down underneath the table to hold it in place.

I bought a roll of thin white electical tape and used it to create “yard lines”.

I started in the very center of the table for the 50 yard line, then measured out evenly to create the other lines.

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When I finished, it looked like this.

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I used some number stencils I had, and a white chalk pen to create the numbers for each yard line.

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That finished off the table runner.

Honestly, if you have a cricut machine and could cut the number stencils out of vinyl, it would be much faster. Even white number stickers would be great too.

place settings for my football tablescape

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I had a roll of green moss and I cut it to make placemats that look like grass. My plan was to use this,

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then I remembered I had some faux green grass squares with my spring decor, so I ended up using that instead.

I just wanted to show the moss runner, because it is great option if you don’t have the grass squares.

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Each place setting was layered with a white dinner plate and a white salad plate.

All of my white plates are thrifted. I highly recommend starting a collection of them if you don’t already have white dishes.

I use them all the time and they can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

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When I was thrifting recently, I spotted this yellow scarf and thought it would be perfect for “penalty” flag napkins.

It was big enough to cut into 8 napkins. I only needed 6 for this table, but I have extras if I want to use them at my larger table.

They would be great for a fall tablescape, as well.

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You could certainly use yellow paper napkins to get a similar look.

I bought wooden football shape cutouts at the Dollar Store. There were 2 on a strand with wooden pumpkins and were $1 each, so I bought 3 strands.

This gave me 6 footballs to use for place cards and I only spent $3.

I didn’t like the design on them, so I painted the back side with brown paint I already had, and wrote names with a white paint pen.

These made the perfect addition to my football theme place settings!

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I used a signed memorabilia helmet my husband had in his office for part of my centerpiece.

A silver wine bucket filled with green moss resembled a trophy, and I just added a football (that I borrowed from a friend) and some pennants.

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The pennants were made from scrapbook paper and sticker letters I had on hand. I hot glued wooden skewers to the back and stuck them down into the moss.

My flower vase was made from an old football I found in the garage and my husband gifted it to me because it was so old and wouldn’t hold air anymore.

I tucked a vase down inside the football and filled it with white flowers from my yard/garden.

how to make a “football” vase

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I cut both ends off of the football. This creates a hole to put the vase of flowers and also a flat bottom for it to stand up on its own.

Vintage Home Designs - (14)

I used a glass vase I already had that fit down in the hole.

I filled the vase with water and placed my flowers inside.

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Thrift stores and garage sales are a great place to look for an old football if you want to create this centerpiece and don’t already have a football you want to destroy.

Last winter I had the idea to use sweaters as slipcovers for a winter themed tablescape.

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I thought it would be fun to do a similar look for my football tailgate themed tablescape, so I borrowed football jerseys from a couple of friends.

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I think it added a fun finishing touch to my table!

extra touches to finish off the football tailgate tablescape

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A strip of black and white striped scrapbook paper, taped around the center of a mason jar resembles a referee.

I finished if of with a whistle tied with a string around the neck of the jar.

The whistle slips off the glass easily so it can actually be used for drinking.

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I drew football plays with a white paint pen to finish off my table.

I had a lot of empty space on the table runner, so I drew plays in several places on the table.

And no, I don’t know a thing about football plays!

Googled everyone of them, and I’m sure this is not even close to what they are supposed to look like, but you get the idea.

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I ended up having so much fun creating this table! I hope you enjoyed some inspiration about how to create a football tailgate party tablescape.

And if you need a fun idea for a football themed dessert bar, see this post…

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Be sure and follow all of the links to see my friends football tailgate party inspiration. There are so many great ideas!

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Let me know if you make one of you own. I love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for following along and be sure and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing.

blessings, and GO TEAM,

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Vintage Home Designs - (2024)
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