The Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Miami | Safara (2024)

May 24, 2024


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While obligatory to party in the city where the heat is on, Miami is also a trendsetting shopping and foodie hub, home to some of the best beaches in the country. From delectable Cuban food to the rich history of street art and the late-night adventures in-between, we're immersing you in the best areas in The Magic City.

There's a lot of information out there, so we've pulled together everything you need to know about Miami's best neighborhoods from the travel mavens we all know and trust.

The Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Miami | Safara (1)

South Beach

South beach is one of Miami's gayborhoods filled with vibrant nightlife and top spots for foodies.

"When people come to Miami, they’ve got South Beach on their minds. And who can blame them? The neon-trimmed Art Deco buildings, the endless palm trees, the iconic pools and resorts, the parties!" -

Time Out

"Bolstered by a Caribbean-chic cafe society and a tragically hip nightlife, people-watching on South Beach (1st St.-23rd St.) is almost as good as a front-row seat at a Milan fashion show." -


"Popular staples like Mango's, The Clevelander and Nikki Beach are always a good time, but feel free to branch out. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is a small club with huge tunes delivered by guest DJs, while M2 gives you that bass-all-over-your-body immersive party experience." -

Lonely Planet


Brickell is an upscale area known as Miami's main business hub.

"Miami’s financial district is the most densely populated neighborhood south of Manhattan, where glass-and-steel highrises tower over streets bustling with young professionals, lively bars, and international restaurants." -


"Like any urban core, Brickell's sheer magnitude is intoxicating—even when you think you've had enough, you always find yourself coming back for more." -

Time Out

"The city’s financial district plays a strong hand when it comes to its hotel game. The Four Seasons, SLS and Mandarin Oriental all have a location amongst the neighborhood’s high-rises." -

Lonely Planet

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Coral Gables

Coral Gables is an upscale area known for its shopping.

"Coral Gables is a foodie's paradise -- a city in which you certainly won't go hungry. What Starbucks is to most major cities, excellent gourmet and ethnic restaurants are to Coral Gables, where there's a restaurant on every corner, and everywhere in between." -


"Several interesting spots remain in the streets immediately north of Miracle Mile, from the Old Fire House & Police Station that now encompasses one of the best museums in Miami and the building that now houses one of the city’s finest independent bookstores, Books & Books, to the tiny Miami boutique hotels scattered about. Coral Gables, Miami, with its many fountains, plazas and picturesque corners, has plenty of Old-World charm to offer." -

Time Out

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Wynwood is a hip area with popular nightlife and foodie spots.

"The Wynwood Arts District is one of Miami’s most exciting zip codes, a globally recognized neighborhood with creativity flowing year-round. Don’t blink or you’ll miss all of the changes happening." -

Time Out

"Throw a stone in any direction, and you're sure to hit an art gallery, co*cktail bar, vintage shop, uber-hip clothing boutique or even a taco shop that doubles as a speakeasy." -

Lonely Planet

"To learn more about the history and culture of street art, head to the Museum of Graffiti, which also offers occasional classes in mural making. Trip out at the Paradox Museum, which goes beyond Instagrammable rooms to teach us why our brains can see optical illusions." -


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Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is an upscale, foodie area with tons of options for shopping.

"If you'd like to experience some of Miami's lesser-known gems, spend some time in Coconut Grove. Quieter than SoBe but still plenty lively, the Grove is Miami's oldest neighborhood. " -

Lonely Planet

"Coconut Grove is a charming little enclave packed with some of Miami’s most beautiful architecture, best restaurants and pockets of character....mixed in with the bohemian bungalows, independent book shops and locally owned cafes, you’ll also find newer developments, including a completely reimagined CocoWalk open-air mall, sleek high-rise condos and a couple of modern hotels." -

Time Out

"Despite all its shiny new bars and restaurants, Coconut Grove is still a reminder of a time when Miami boat days were more about Mahi than models. As such, you can catch a bunch of deep sea fishing charters from the marina." -


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Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is an upscale, hip area with great beaches.

"Key Biscayne is only a ten-minute drive from Downtown Miami, but it feels more Key West than 305. Perhaps it’s just something that happens when you put the word “Key” in front of a town’s name but this beachy island has certainly managed to cultivate and maintain a personality all its own. What does that personality look like? Well, it’s wearing sandals, drives a very nice car and loves anything outdoors—especially if a beach is involved." -

Time Out

"The beaches at Bill Baggs are lovely, with opportunities to explore the on-site lighthouse, as well as go fishing, hiking, swimming, paddling and biking (single and quad bikes are available for rent). And if you're traveling with a four-legged friend, nearby Hobie Beach (near adjacent Virginia Key) is also a great place to spend a few hours." -

Lonely Planet

"On the island's southern tip, Bill Baggs State Park has great beaches, bike paths, and dense forests for picnicking and partying." -


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Little Havana

Little Havana is a residential area, known for its Cuban food and city landmarks.

"Little Havana has plenty to offer in terms of culture and charm. Drive (or walk) along the infamous Calle Ocho, and you'll be greeted by giant, colorful rooster statues – a nod to the actual roosters that stroll about the area." -

Lonely Planet

"The spotlight focused on the neighborhood during the Elián González situation in 2000, but the area was previously noted for the groups of artists and nocturnal types who had moved their galleries and performance spaces here, sparking culturally charged neobohemian nightlife." -


"If you’re visiting Little Havana, chances are you’re looking to immerse yourself in Cuban culture. Luckily for you, much of it is concentrated on Calle Ocho within four blocks. Between SW 13th and 17th Avenues, you’ll be able to find the cigar, guayabera, live salsa bands, café con leche and pastelito de guayaba you were imagining and then some." -

Time Out

The Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Miami | Safara (2024)
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